(Regensburger Hefte ...; 6 [Sonderheft]) ISSN 1613-5601

Special Edition of the 'Regensburg Journal of History and Culture'
In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Völkl


Markus A. Meinke, The Development of the Czechoslovakian Frontier-Defence at the Bavarian Border between 1945 and 1970: From Expulsion and Stalinism to "Humanisation"?


Beate Herget, Preface.

Andrea Schmidt-Rösler, From Bessarabia to Dobrudsha: the Settlement of the German Minority in Dobrudsha.

Waldemar Schmidt, Historical Records of the Religious Life of the German Minority in Russia before the Revolution - Materials in the Central State Archive Republic of Kazakhstan: A Review.

Tanja Wagensohn, A New Ice Age? Russia and the European Community at the End of German EU Presidency 2007.

Judith Schäfer, Jews in Russia and Hostile Attitudes Against Foreigners.

Roman P. Smolorz, The Year 1990: Turning Point for the State Intelligence Service in Poland, in the GDR and in the Federal Republic of Germany. Plausible Comment on the Recruiting of Polish Citizens through the 'Stasi'.